Suspension of Duke TIP Programs Questions and Answers

Q:  What is happening with Duke TIP?

A:  Duke TIP programming will be paused through spring 2021. The national Academic Talent Search that had been administered by Duke TIP will be ended.

Q:  Why are you doing this?

A:  First, COVID forced the closure of all Summer Sessions in 2020 and likely in 2021, which has had a disruptive impact on the business and financial models that have long sustained TIP. Without the revenue from Summer Session, TIP cannot continue operating in its current form. Second, Duke is adapting to significant changes in the educational, technological and regulatory landscapes for precollege programs that have taken place in recent years. After a careful assessment, we are creating a new unit in the Office of Academic Affairs to better align these important and diverse activities with Duke’s current educational priorities and operational practices.  The students served by TIP will be a principal focus of this new unit.

Q:  Will the Academic Talent Search restart after this pause?

A:  No. As we redesign our precollege and talented offerings, we will be looking new ways to identify students and facilitate their access to these enrichment programs. We will continue to work with families who participated in prior talent searches to provide the promised programs and resources.

Q:  Will Duke TIP continue to provide resources and research for the gifted and talented community?

A:  All Duke TIP resources and research will continue to be available at We will add to this library as additional information becomes available.

Q:  Will you resume TIP programs at some point?

A:  We look forward to resuming precollege programs next summer with an exciting slate of online courses on a wide range of topics taught by Duke faculty and graduate students and using the latest innovations in online education. Potential offerings include courses in artificial intelligence, coding, financial markets and pandemics, among others. We will also be working with Duke faculty and educational leaders within the university and across the country to develop new programs that serve a broad cross-section of talented youth and precollege learners while sustaining the sense of community that TIP has built over the past 40 years. 

Q:  What will you do with the philanthropic contributions to TIP?

A:  Private contributions have been critical to TIP. All contributions to TIP will continue to be used for their stated purpose:  building and sustaining high quality educational programs and services for talented youth.