Dr. Jaret Hodges

Jaret Hodges

Postdoctoral Associate

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Research focus

Jaret’s research interests and focus are on the underrepresentation of underserved populations in gifted education. His area of focus is how state-level policies affect the representation of Black, Native American, and Latino students in gifted education programs in public schools. Further, he is interested in examining how gifted programming is enacted within rural schools throughout the United States. Jaret’s methodological interests are in using large-scale state longitudinal data sets to model trends in education within states over time. Further, his interests are in advocating for the increase in the use of computer programming as a tool to enhance research, and for the use of open-source software. To these ends, Jaret served as the executive assistant of the National Rural Education association for three years and served in the committee and was an author on Purdue University’s campus diversity initiative. 


  • PhD, Purdue University
  • Master of Arts, University of Houston
  • Bachelor of Arts, Ashford University

Recent publications

Hodges, J., Tay, J., Desmet, O., Ozturk, E., & Pereira, N. (2018). The effect of the 2008 recession on gifted education funding across the state of Texas. AERA Open, 4. DOI 10.1177/2332858418786224

Hodges, J.* Tay, J.* Maeda, Y., & Gentry, M. (2018). A meta-analysis of gifted and talented identification practices. Gifted Child Quarterly, 62, 147-174. [*First authorship shared]

Hodges, J. (2018). Assessing the influence of No Child Left Behind on gifted education funding in Texas: A descriptive study. Journal of Advanced Academics. DOI 10.1177/1932202X18779343

Wai, J. , Hodges, J., Makel, M. (2018). Sex differences in ability tilt in the right tail of cognitive abilities: A 35-year examination.  Intelligence, 67, 76-83.

Hodges, J., McIntosh, J., Gentry, M. (2017). The effect of an out-of-school enrichment program on the academic achievement of high-potential students from low-income families. Journal of Advanced Academics, 1932202X17715304.