Outreach Services for Schools

Duke TIP provides support to those who work with academically talented and gifted students, including families, classroom teachers, counselors, gifted coordinators, and school administrators. We also sometimes present information to the students themselves, though, in most cases, outreach begins with educators and parents. These services are provided by TIP's Outreach Team, whose goal is to create awareness of the resources, opportunities, and recognition TIP provides to those who participate in our programs. 

Upon the request of educators and other organizational leaders, the Outreach Team provides helpful information and understanding about TIP's talent searches, programs, benefits, and job opportunities. Presentations and supportive tools are offered in several formats: in person, virtually, or equipping school personnel to hold their own meeting about TIP. We work primarily with

  • schools, to provide prerecorded or live webinars as well as in-person presentations that promote awareness and understanding of TIP’s programs, services, research, and resources;
  • educator associations, to arrange for TIP workshops and displays at conferences and meetings;
  • parent groups, such as SAGE (Special and Gifted Education), PTA Councils, etc., to conduct presentations and webinars that promote awareness and understanding of how Duke TIP can help gifted students reach their highest potential; and
  • school districts, to provide professional development support for teachers in the area of gifted education best practices. 

Reaching all students

In all of our presentations and materials, we also promote awareness and understanding of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and their Young Scholars and College Scholarship programs, which offer generous support to high performing students with financial need.

Outreach Team members


Jarvis Bailey, PhD

Director of Outreach and Access

Judy Elsey

Judy Elsey, MA, Outreach Director

traci guidry

Traci Guidry, MS, Outreach Coordinator–Southwest Regional Office

kim thomas-cain

Kim Thomas-Cain, Outreach Coordinator–Southeast Regional Office


Request for Outreach services

Would you like a Duke TIP presentation at your school or at your organization?

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