Word Power (4–6)

Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Word Power focuses on the Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes upon which much of the English language is based. The book includes historical notes on how English has developed, a table of Latin and Greek word parts, and exercises in combining these parts to create existing words as well as neologisms (neo – new, log – word). The workbook also includes "The Discipline of Disciplines," exercises that explore vocabulary in academic areas from art to genetics, and a fun and games section, including "Affix Switchout" and "Etymology Opposites."

Recommended materials (sold separately)

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, latest edition

Students should have access to the Internet and a thesaurus.


Format: Workbook

Length: 3 months

Cost: $40

Features: Activities and assignments | Practice exercises

Objectives (PDF) | Sample lesson (PDF) | Pretest (PDF) | Contributors (PDF) | Syllabus (PDF)