MathPack: Quest (4–6)

Are you ready for a challenge that will change the way you think about mathematics? MathPack: Quest explores the origins of mathematical concepts and provides a fun format for learning and practicing these ideas. Each of the sixteen lessons has a different focus, ranging from tessellations to probability. Each lesson has three components: the Puzzler, a warm-up activity; the Quest, which gives you the information you need to solve the problems in the lesson; and the Checkpoint, to assess your understanding of the lesson's concepts. The workbook includes an answer key and a tracking chart for recording your progress, as well as suggested web and print resources to keep you interested in pursuing your mathematical quest.


Format: Workbook

Length: 3 months

Cost: $40

Features: Activities and assignments | Practice exercises

Objectives (PDF) | Sample lesson (PDF) | Contributors (PDF) | Syllabus (PDF)

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