All Duke TIP programs are designed specifically for gifted students. Our Academic Talent Search helps students and their families evaluate and grow their academic abilities while our educational programs provide them with motivation, challenge, inspiration, advanced interactive learning opportunities, peer interaction, and more. Please select any program below to learn more about it or use the provided search terms to identify the program right for your student.


Instructional Preference

Is the student already enrolled in a TIP Talent Search?

All programs listed on this page are reserved for members of Duke TIP's Academic Talent Search.


Currently all of TIP's programs are online. More options will be available when in-person programs resume.


Student Residency

At this time, TIP is only able to accept applications from students physically present in the US.

(Not accepting applications) A week-long residential program that applies problem-based learning to a hypothetical community crisis. Students join occupation-based research teams and build their academic, leadership, and teamwork skills.

(Not accepting applications)  Summer Studies is a three-week residential program for high-achieving students in grades seven through ten. Taking place at thirteen college campuses across the country over two different summer sessions, the program provides the social and intellectual stimulus that gifted students need.