Program Costs and Financial Aid

As of February 1, 2020, Duke TIP has exhausted all financial aid resources for Summer Studies students in grades 8–10. Unfortunately, if your student has not yet been placed in a course, you will not receive a financial aid award.

We know this is very disappointing for many of you to hear. Duke TIP is deeply committed to serving academically talented students from all economic backgrounds. Our resources are finite, but we remain just as committed to growing those resources as best we can. 

Please note that we do reserve financial aid funds for Summer Studies students who are currently in grade 7. We encourage those families to apply for financial aid as early as possible, even in advance of March 17, when the program application opens.  


The 2020 program cost for Summer Studies is $4,595. However, the out-of-pocket program cost for individual families may range from  $770 to $4,595, depending on eligibility for financial aid.

Payment plans are offered and financial aid may be available to those who qualify and apply while funding is available. All applicants must pay a nonrefundable $30 application fee to cover the cost of processing an application.


Enrollment deposit due

Within one week of receiving placement notification

Full payment due Within four weeks of receiving placement notification
Cancellation deadlines

Full refund: Five weeks or more prior before assigned program dates

50 percent refund: Three to five weeks before assigned program dates

No refund: Within three weeks of assigned program dates

Parent Advice

"The financial investment is substantial, and we thought we were crazy spending that kind of money. I’ll tell you the experience is worth every single penny. We saw our child grow exponentially in her field, and learn how to manage herself in a safe, supportive environment. Best practice for college ever—and the memories they will have of this amazing program will positively shape them for years into their future. Summer Studies has been an inspiration and a source of friends and autonomy she was not getting anywhere else. It’s a passionate program that is rigorous, and yet the most fun summer they could have!" –Mylene M., TIP Parent, Texas

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Deposit, fee, and payment information

  • Once each student is placed in a program, a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $300 is due. Financial aid recipients have a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $100.
  • This enrollment deposit is applied to the program fee.
  • Families are responsible for transportation cost to and from the program site.
  • Students who request a course, site, or term change after being placed will be charged a $25 transfer fee per transfer. Transfer fees are nonrefundable.
  • Fees and deposits may be paid by credit card, check, e-check, or money order. Payment by check authorizes Duke University to make a onetime electronic fund transfer from your account. These funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the date of receipt. Once the electronic transfer is made, your canceled check will be destroyed.
  • Returned checks will result in a $25 processing charge.

Payment plans

Duke TIP allows families to establish a payment plan for the program fee. Individuals interested must contact Duke TIP at to discuss payment plan options. Payment plans will vary based on the family’s needs, total balance due, date of program, and date plan is established. 

Refund Policy

  • Students who withdraw from the program at least five weeks prior to the start of their assigned term dates will receive a full refund of the program fees, minus the nonrefundable enrollment deposit.
  • Students who withdraw within three to five weeks prior to their assigned term dates will received a 50 percent refund, minus the nonrefundable enrollment deposit.

  • No refund will be issued for students who withdraw three weeks or less prior to the start of their assigned term dates.

  • Exceptions, for up to a 50 percent refund, for students who withdrawal three weeks or less prior to their assigned term, will only be made if
    • the student is hospitalized during the duration of the program,

    • the student requires follow-up care from a recent hospitalization during the duration of the program, or

    • there is a death in the student’s immediate family (i.e., parent, guardian, or sibling).

  • All other withdrawals, including students who are dismissed from the program, will not receive a refund.

  • Program fees are nontransferable and the application fee is nonrefundable under any circumstance. 

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