Eligibility Philosophy

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Duke TIP’s educational programs provide academically talented students with advanced learning opportunities that match their specific learning needs and academic interests.

Students in all TIP programs will experience appropriately challenging coursework and have the opportunity to build social and emotional bonds with other academically talented peers in safe learning environments. TIP encourages students to pursue their curiosity and passion within collaborative learning environments and to take intellectual risks without concern about competition, effects on grades, performance, scores, or ranks.

Duke TIP does not assign grades or homework or allow participants to study outside of regularly scheduled course time, which also facilitates forging strong social connections in its face-to-face programs.

Why we have qualifying scores

Not all students have the same developmental readiness, learning needs, or aptitude at the same age. Moreover, even within the TIP population, participants have different levels of strength in different academic domains and may require different levels of academic challenge in different academic domains.

In an attempt to provide material at a developmentally appropriate level and pace based on student readiness, Duke TIP sets domain-specific qualifying criteria for many of its courses and programs that focus on academic challenge.

Student Video

Student Video

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