The Haunting: Exposing the Mind's Fear of Myth & Monster

Through the use of literature and film clips, investigate the psychological roots of ghosts, vampires, and other unexplainable paranormal phenomena. Pair the stories of hauntings that grow from seemingly innocent folk and fairy tales with the works of psychologists such as Jung and Freud to study the deep-seated fears and specters that lie in wait among the shadowy waking and non-waking moments of the human psyche. Then move from analyzing individual human minds to studying how simple ghost stories and urban myths rise to the level of global fear. Delve into why and how myths are created, as well as the psychology involved in their lasting appeal.

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Term 1 (June 7–June 27)
Duke University West Campus, Academy
Term 2 (July 5–July 25)
Duke University West Campus, Academy
Summer Studies Program: 
Academy Math, Academy Verbal