Aquatic Biology

Explore aquatic biology by studying the ecology and behavior of plants, animals, and microbes living in freshwater, such as inland lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, and wetlands. Use standard field methodology to collect phytoplankton and macroinvertebrates, as well as analyze aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of Lake Virginia, which is located on the Rollins College campus. Investigate ecological and biological principles and learn how to protect natural ecosystems through large-scale public policy as well as individual actions. Through a variety of hands-on scientific laboratory experiments, fieldwork, fieldtrips, reading, and research, study aquatic biodiversity, conservation, and ecosystems. Note: Students who have taken TIP's Aquatic Biology, Conservation, and Policy should not enroll in this course due to overlap in content.

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Term 1 (June 9–29)
Rollins College, FL
Term 2 (July 7–27)
Rollins College, FL
Summer Studies Program: 
Academy Math