Algebra I

Complete a highly accelerated year of high school math. Each mathematics class at Duke TIP is led by an instructor and teaching assistant. Students attend class for seven hours weekdays (six hours, Monday through Friday, plus an evening study session, Monday through Thursday) and for three hours on Saturday mornings (108 total contact hours). The mathematics courses at Duke TIP are paced much faster than typical secondary school mathematics classes in order to cover all of the required topics during the three-week term. Each participant can expect to complete one high school level course during the term. Occasionally, instructors have time to introduce additional special topics.

Math courses are not designed for students in need of remediation. Do not enroll in one of these courses if you have already completed a comparable course through your high school.

Many local schools and school districts will grant Duke TIP students credit or placement into the next level course based on their performance in a mathematics course at TIP. Visit Academic Life for more information on this process.

Instructors may administer tests or quizzes periodically. Tests are evaluated so that students receive feedback on their progress, but no final letter grades for course performance are assigned. The NC End-of-Course test will not be administered at the end of this course. An instructor-created exam will be the final assessment. Each student will receive the following by mail upon completion of the course:

  • a course description and syllabus
  • the Duke TIP rubric evaluation with a mathematics-specific addendum
  • the evaluated instructor-prepared final exam

For all mathematics courses, the following is required:

  • graphing calculator, preferably a Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84
  • 3–ring binder with large rings
  • at least 300 sheets of college ruled paper
  • 5–10 #2 pencils
  • graph paper
  • a ruler or straightedge
  • a white eraser

You can view the course syllabus (DOCX) for additional information.

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Term 1 (June 10–June 30)
Austin College, TX
Term 2 (July 8–July 28)
Austin College, TX
Term 2 (July 8–July 28)
Appalachian State University, NC
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