How to Apply for Financial Aid

Unfortunately, we have exhausted all 2019 Summer Studies financial aid funds. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Our financial aid process includes the following steps:

  1. Reviewing your financial aid application and US tax documents
  2. Assessing your expected financial contribution toward the program fee
  3. Notifying you of your financial aid award based on available funds and your expected contribution
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Things to know when applying for financial aid

  • We post the financial aid application approximately three weeks before program registration begins.

  • Both your financial aid and program applications must be submitted before we can consider you for placement.

  • We will only review your financial aid application if you are placed in a program, so financial aid requests do not affect your admissions decision.

  • We recommend you apply as early as possible to maximize your chance of receiving aid.

  • We only offer financial aid to families who file taxes in the United States.

  • Families who send multiple students to TIP programs in a single year are eligible to receive financial aid for each individual student; however, we are not able to provide any additional financial assistance beyond those awards.

  • You must submit a new financial aid application each year, even if you were awarded aid previously, so we can ensure that the amount you qualify for has not changed.

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What you need

To complete the financial aid application, you will need your US federal tax returns and income documents, including:

  • a list of all people living in the student’s main household, related or not, and their age and total annual income
  • if applicable, the amount of Social Security; SSI payments; child support payments; unemployment compensation; welfare, TANF, or other public assistance; military assistance; untaxed disability, retirement, etc.
  • current values of cash, checking and savings accounts, stocks, investments, businesses, rental properties, home, etc.
  • a copy of your 2018 federal income tax (Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ), along with these forms and schedules that you submit with your return: Schedules A, C, F, D, E; W-2 forms; form 4562 (forms printed from electronic filings are acceptable)
  • a profit-and-loss statement if you own your own business and have not filed your taxes yet

If your 2018 tax return has not been prepared, send a complete copy of your 2017 tax return and one of the following:

  • your 2018 year-end pay stub, if you are applying before February 1
  • your 2018 W-2 forms, if you are applying after February 1
  • your estimated 2018 profit-and-loss statement if you are self-employed.

If you are not required to file a tax return because your income level falls below the IRS filing threshold, you must still complete the financial aid application. However, you can simply note on it that you are not required to file a federal tax return and submit copies of whatever documentation you have for the income you do receive. For instance, you could submit an annual Social Security award amount letter, SSN-1099, unemployment or disability income award letters, or public assistance qualification notification letters.

Tax credits

Many families wonder if they qualify for the Child and Dependent Care tax credit when their child attends TIP. Unfortunately, the IRS has stated that the cost of sending a child to an overnight camp is not covered, so any residential TIP program is not eligible for this credit.

529 college plan funds

Please speak with your accountant before utilizing your 529 plan funds to pay for TIP programs. TIP does not believe the 529 college plan funds qualify for this usage because with this plan you are expected to be enrolled at the university and the payments are for tuition-related expenses. Duke TIP students are not enrolled in Duke University and are paying a program fee, not college tuition, so the required tuition payment statement (1098 T) required by the IRS cannot be produced by the university or Duke TIP. 

Questions? Call Duke TIP at (919) 668-9100.

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