International Students

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Duke TIP welcomes academically gifted international students to our Summer Studies Program. However, because our programs are conducted in English, students must have sufficient English-speaking skills to fully engage in the program and participate in the required classroom discussions and presentations.

How to apply

Current TIP students

If you have participated in a TIP talent search—including the 7th Grade Talent Search or the Duke TIP in India Talent Search (in 2014 or earlier)—or if you have been part of a TIP educational program in the past, you should already have a TIP ID. If you already have a TIP ID, you can follow the standard application process to apply as an international student.

Students new to TIP

If you have not participated in a TIP program before, you must first obtain a Duke TIP ID number before you can apply. Simply complete a TIP ID request and upload the required documentation as indicated

We will email you your TIP ID within two business days. Please apply for your TIP ID before the application open date if at all possible.

Required documentation

International students' eligibility for the Summer Studies Program is based on an academic portfolio that should include:

  • a transcript or grade report
  • an extracurricular resume, including honors you have received, activities you have participated in, grades (when received), and a general description of all honors or activities
  • standardized test scores, if available
  • ACT or SAT scores, if available
  • TOEFL scores, if available

Passport and visa information

All non-US students must have a passport to attend residential summer programs in the United States, and they are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa. You should allow a minimum of six weeks after obtaining a passport to complete this process. Additional visa information will be provided upon admission.

Travel information

International students attending a TIP residential summer program cannot arrive prior to the first day of the program. If you cannot arrange a flight for arrival or departure day, you may arrive up to twenty-four hours late or you may depart from the program early.

Summer Studies is a three-week residential program for high-achieving students in grades seven through ten. Taking place at thirteen college campuses across the country over two different summer sessions, the programs provide the social and intellectual stimulus that gifted students need.

New to Summer Studies? Look for this banner and select it for advice from other parents on how to make the most of your child's Duke TIP experience:

Parent Advice

Throughout this section of our website, you can access advice from actual Duke TIP parents by clicking on the blue banner above. Their advice will then appear in a box of text like this one. If you would like to talk to a TIP parent directly, to hear what they have to say about the Summer Studies experience before you decide to apply, you are welcome to take advantage of our Parent Ambassador Program. Simply submit a request using this form and you will be contacted by a parent whose child attended the program last year.