Program Details, Policies, and Philosophies

Scholar Weekends are offered in the fall (in October and November) and spring (in February and March). They are designed to emulate the college experience and offer academically talented high school students the challenge they don't always receive in a traditional classroom.

The program provides a supportive environment in which students can gain enough confidence in their abilities to take academic risks and propose their own ideas. Scholar Weekends are hands-on learning experiences taught by content experts who emphasize projects and other interactive activities that require students to be creative. The subject matter is advanced and the class will move more quickly than the typical courses that most students will have encountered up to then. Students are expected to be motivated and willing to think critically throughout the two days.

It’s also important to note that all students attending Scholar Weekends will be academically gifted, which means that your student will be surrounded by peers who can provide additional insights into the subject matter, increase your student’s love of learning, and reinforce a sense of pride in having advanced academic abilities. This social component is a crucial part of the program, as it helps TIP students discover and celebrate their abilities and encourages them to develop skills that will be beneficial later in high school or college.

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Over the course of two days, students in grades seven through ten can explore new subjects in detail through hands-on and project-based learning while building friendships with their academically talented peers. Courses cover a range of subjects.