A group of girls in biology class

Scholar Weekends are open to all students between seventh and eleventh grade who are enrolled in the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search, who enrolled in TIP through 8th–10th Grade Option, or who have been identified as academically gifted by their local school criteria. For fall enrollment, students must be between eighth and eleventh grade at the point of application.

Students should also be ready to take on higher-level coursework in an advanced classroom setting.

Please note that Duke TIP welcomes applications from students with disabilities or special needs. Review our Student with Disabilities section and our Equal Opportunity Statement for more information.

Three boys having a discussion in class

Over the course of two days, students in grades seven through ten can explore new subjects in detail through hands-on and project-based learning while building friendships with their academically talented peers. Courses cover a range of subjects.