Above and Beyond: Astronomy, Physics, and Astrobiology

Study and live at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, a working observatory in the mountains of western North Carolina. Investigate the universe with your team using research-grade optical and radio instruments. Mentors will guide you in topics encompassing stellar and galactic astronomy, astrobiology, and astronomical instrumentation. Utilize high-tech equipment, including two 26-meter radio telescopes similar to those in the Very Large Array in New Mexico, and operate optical and radio telescopes. Investigate observable stellar objects, non-stellar objects, and analyze galactic motion and formations, black holes, and quasars. Meet and learn from invited distinguished scientists, as they talk to you about their work in various areas of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and astrobiology. Enjoy time with new friends, hike in the mountains of western North Carolina, learn to bait and hook a fish, and enjoy dinner and a movie on an off-campus outing.

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June 10–June 24
PARI Observatory, NC