Parent Stories

The Gonzalez family

Linda and Oscar Gonzalez know what it’s like to raise a highly gifted child. Their daughter, Jessica, is passionate about a wide variety of subjects and activities. They knew they needed to find a summer academic program that would challenge her and help her explore her interests alongside other gifted peers, yet still give her the flexibility to travel and enjoy nonacademic activities. Their solution was eStudies.

It allowed Jessica to commit to significant advanced study while still accompanying her family on summer vacation, making it a great choice for their active lifestyle. Jessica could access her course daily, attend group sessions, get one-on-one attention from her Instructor, and complete her weekly assignments—all using her laptop or tablet while on the road. Jessica has taken three eStudies courses though Duke TIP, including Neuroscience: Biology of the Brain; Abnormal Psychology; and Anatomy and Physiology: Form, Function, and System.

“I thought Jessica’s instructor was incredible," Linda said. "She was knowledgeable and she was always available if Jessica needed anything—if she had any questions or concerns, she was quick to respond."

(Not accepting applications) A seven-week program for seventh through tenth graders. Students join an online class of twenty-four and are led in high school- or college-level coursework by an expert instructor who oversees discussions, live video meetings, and peer-to-peer interaction.