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Student commitment

eStudies courses are seven and a half weeks long, and students should be prepared to spend a total of ten to fourteen hours per week on their course (including time spent in live sessions). Students are expected to adhere to the eStudies Participation Agreement.

Weekly live sessions

Each week, students will have two hours of live, synchronous interaction with instructors and classmates, during which the class collaborates with each other and discusses course material in real time.

Instructors schedule these meetings during the first week of the program, working to ensure the times are convenient for all students, if at all possible.

Students can be successful without attending all sessions, but only if they take the time to watch the recordings of the sessions and engage in other activities. We recommend that all participants attend as many sessions as possible.

Vacation participation

Every year there are eStudies students who take a course with them on vacations and have great success in continuing their studies. As long as the student has a laptop, reliable Internet access, and brings along any necessary course materials or textbooks, the student can continue to participate in forum posts, assignments, and live meetings.


Because of the level of rigor, students should not plan on taking extended vacations during the program that will keep them away from their coursework.

eStudies students are expected to log in and engage with their instructors, peers, course activities, and course tools a minimum of five days per week.

In general, Duke TIP can accommodate one single instance of a one-week (seven consecutive days) absence during the term. Students must communicate their schedule to their instructor in advance and work with their instructors to arrange for make-up work as per the Duke TIP Make-up and Extensions Policy, plus modifications to the assignments communicated by the instructor.

Absences of longer than seven consecutive days, or multiple instances of absences that exceed five or more days each, with no Internet access during these times, may result in the student receiving a 1 on their final evaluation. Work cannot be accepted for evaluation after the term ends.

After the first week of the course, no refunds will be issued for students who fail to participate in the course or who are dismissed from the program, as per the Duke TIP refund policy.

However, if students can meet their eStudies commitments while on a family vacation, they are welcome to do so.

This seven-week program for seventh through tenth graders takes place during the summer. Students join an online class of twenty-four and are led in high school- or college-level coursework by an expert instructor who oversees discussions, live video meetings, and peer-to-peer interaction.