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Please note: Normally, eStudies is open to students who score above certain levels on their ACT or SAT. Because many TIP students were unable to take the ACT or SAT this spring or summer, we are waiving the test score requirement for the July 23–September 11 and October 22–December 18 eStudies term. All TIP students in grades 7–10 are eligible to apply for theses terms of eStudies. This includes students who have not yet taken the ACT/SAT and students whose ACT/SAT scores fall below the qualification levels we typically use.

At this time, TIP is only able to accept applications from students physically present in the US.

(Not accepting applications) A seven-week program for seventh through tenth graders. Students join an online class of twenty-four and are led in high school- or college-level coursework by an expert instructor who oversees discussions, live video meetings, and peer-to-peer interaction.