International Students

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eStudies gives international students a unique opportunity to connect with gifted students all over the world who share their academic talents and interests. However, please note that all course materials, instructions, and communication are in English, and Duke TIP does not provide English language support—so English proficiency is crucial for eStudies students. International students should also be sure to review the technology requirements to make sure they can successfully access and attend their eStudies course.

How to apply

If you have participated in a TIP talent search, including the 7th Grade Talent Search or the ASSET Talent Search (in 2014 or earlier), or if you have been part of a TIP educational program in the past, you should already have a TIP ID. If you already have a TIP ID, you can follow the standard application process to apply as an international student.

If you are an international student and you are not a member of one of TIP’s talent searches or have not participated in a TIP program before, you must obtain a TIP ID before you can apply. To do so, complete a TIP ID request and upload the required documents as indicated. We will email you your qualification status within two business days of receiving your forms. After that, you can follow the standard application process.

ASSET score requirements

If you took the ASSET exam as part of the Duke TIP in India 7th Standard Talent Search before 2015, you can use the following score tables to determine whether you are eligible for eStudies:

Test Date
ASSET score for science and math eligibility
ASSET score for humanities and social science eligibility
December 2010 M ≥ 18 or S ≥ 24 E ≥ 45
November 2011 M ≥ 18 or S ≥ 23 E ≥ 42
November 2012 M ≥ 17 or S ≥ 28 E ≥ 50
November 2013 M ≥ 14 or S ≥ 23 E ≥ 47
November 2014 M ≥ 19 or S ≥ 23 (Grade 7)
M ≥ 18 or S ≥ 21 (Grade 8)
E ≥ 53 (Grade 7)
E ≥ 49 (Grade 8)

Time zone considerations

As you consider eStudies, be mindful of the time difference between your home country and the United States. Most interaction in the course is asynchronous, which means you can do your work whenever is convenient for you, as long as you meet assigned deadlines. However, eStudies also includes synchronous activities in which all participants participate in a chat or conference at the same time. Instructors schedule these activities at times that work for all students, but drastic time differences can sometimes cause problems. Please be aware of that possibility as you apply for the program.

This seven-week program for seventh through eleventh graders takes place during the summer. Students join an online class of twenty-four and are led in high school– or college-level coursework by an expert instructor who oversees discussions, live video meetings, and peer-to-peer interaction.