After You Apply

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When will I find out my application status?

  • You will receive an email notification within two weeks informing you of your child’s application status. Please be aware that all program-related emails are sent to the primary parent email address entered on the student’s program application, not the email address used to create the student account (if they are different).
  • If you do not receive an email, to the primary parent address listed on their application, please sign into student portal to see if they have been placed.

If you’re placed

Once you’ve received notification that you have been placed in an eStudies course, you will need to access our student portal to:

  • See course placement and financial aid award (if applicable).
  • Accept or decline placement within a week of notification. You must pay the required deposit at the time of acceptance.
  • Complete the required forms.
  • Pay program fees.
  • Access other important course information.

Your student portal account is the same as your registration account, so if you applied online, simply use the same login credentials to access your student portal account.

Once you’ve logged into your student portal account, click on your TIP ID number to access the forms and additional information, or to make a payment. Remember that you will need to accept your placement and submit your enrollment deposit within one week of receiving your placement offer.

Prior to the program, we will send all textbooks and course materials via FedEx.

If you’re wait-listed

Because we often get more eStudies applications than we have spots for each year, especially in our more popular classes, Duke TIP maintains a wait-list for each course to allow students who want to attend an opportunity to do so if any of the initially admitted students withdraw from the program. If you are wait-listed:

  • You will be placed on the wait-list of every course you rank on your application.
  • If any students withdraw before May 15 and we are able to offer you their spot in a course, we will notify you.
  • Should you be placed in a course, you will be removed from all other course wait-lists, as you cannot be placed in a course and on the wait-list at the same time.

Unfortunately, because it depends on factors out of our control, we cannot provide more specific information about how long you might be wait-listed or how likely it is that you will be offered a placement. Those decisions are dependent on other students canceling.

We have created an Opportunity Guide that lists alternate educational programs for gifted students in order to aid families who wish to explore other options.

This seven-week program for seventh through eleventh graders takes place during the summer. Students join an online class of twenty-four and are led in high school– or college-level coursework by an expert instructor who oversees discussions, live video meetings, and peer-to-peer interaction.