About eStudies

eStudies offers an innovative take on distance learning, pairing the flexibility of digital platforms with a gifted community and the attentive feedback possible in a small classroom. It relies on synchronous and asynchronous instruction, combining real-time interaction and discussion with message boards and weekly assignments. Students have the chance to take on advanced material with their peers from around the globe, providing the kind of deep, meaningful challenge that gifted students need.


eStudies is an accelerated learning program open to students who score above certain levels on their SAT or ACT. Review our score tables for more information.

Term and Courses

Each summer, eStudies offers a range of advanced classes in topics ranging from science, technology, engineering, and math to politics, history, and other humanities subjects. Details about 2019 will be announced in December.

Key Dates

2018 dates will be posted in December.

This seven-week program for seventh through eleventh graders takes place during the summer. Students join an online class of twenty-four and are led in high school– or college-level coursework by an expert instructor who oversees discussions, live video meetings, and peer-to-peer interaction.