Student Experience


Participants in eInvestigators play the role of student, online sleuth, and researcher as they navigate an academically challenging scenario over the course of one month. Students use Web 2.0 tools to create and present their findings and they interact with their peers and instructors using those same tools. They also participate in weekly live meetings. Each term of eInvestigators is a stand-alone experience and can be combined with subsequent sessions to provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge in a variety of disciplines while strengthening the underlying academic skills required to solve each case.

eInvestigators is a month-long online program for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders that takes place each year in the spring, summer, and fall. Using leading-edge instructional technology, participants collaborate with a small group of classmates and an expert Lead Investigator to collect clues about a real-life mystery, analyze evidence, and propose theories.