A student reacting in wonderment to his laptop screen

To be eligible for eInvestigators, students must:

  • be enrolled in Duke TIP’s 4th–6th Grade Talent Search
  • be in fourth, fifth, or sixth grade when applying

Fall term

Due to the timing of the application for the fall term, students interested in the fall program must have enrolled in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search by June 30 of the prior year. As a result:

  • only current fifth and sixth graders who enrolled in a prior academic year are eligible for the fall term
  • the first opportunity to attend eInvestigators for students enrolling in the current academic year is the spring term

Student qualities

Much of the research in eInvestigators is conducted independently, and we are committed to a safe and welcoming online learning community.

As a result, student applicants should be mature enough to work on their own without prodding, be willing to respect other students and the instructor, conduct themselves in a responsible manner online, and agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct and Digital Citizenship Agreement.

eInvestigators is a month-long online program for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders that takes place each year in the spring, summer, and fall. Using leading-edge instructional technology, participants collaborate with a small group of classmates and an expert Lead Investigator to collect clues about a real-life mystery, analyze evidence, and propose theories.