About eInvestigators

At eInvestigators, students use innovative online tools to solve a mystery—whether that means diagnosing a patient, taking part in a criminal trial, locating buried treasure, or more. They get to take on the role of a real-world professional—all from the comfort of their home.

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There are eight cases to choose from, covering medicine, law, archaeology, and hidden treasure.


The fall term is open to 4th–6th Grade Talent Search members who are in fifth or sixth grade.


The fall term will run from October 17 to November 17.

Key Dates

October 17, 2019 to November 17, 2019

Fall term

eInvestigators is a month-long online program for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders that takes place each year in the spring, summer, and fall. Using leading-edge instructional technology, participants collaborate with a small group of classmates and an expert Lead Investigator to collect clues about a real-life mystery, analyze evidence, and propose theories.