a group of students performing a dissection in class

Details for the 2019 CRISIS will be announced in December. Information about 2018 is included below to give an overview of the program.

Hurricane TIP

Over the past two decades, damage inflicted by hurricanes and their accompanying storm surges has wreaked havoc on coastal counties along the Gulf and Atlantic seaboards—some of the country’s fastest growing places.

New research shows that stronger hurricanes could become more normal as climate change continues. From Katrina to Sandy to Harvey, hurricanes affect everyone in their path.

Now, meteorologists are predicting that Hurricane TIP, expected to be a disastrous storm, will make landfall impacting multiple locations. Do your part as an expert in your field to prepare for the storm and respond to its aftermath.

Examine the effects of a major hurricane from the perspective of engineers, government officials, researchers, marine biologists, the media, and health professionals as you prepare for the impending storm.  

“It doesn't matter what class or RC group you are in. I think that you will always have a ton of fun at this camp and you will always want to go back.”
 — CRISIS student

Program dates

For 2018, Duke TIP will offer three different one-week sessions of CRISIS at five different locations. The program dates are the same at each of our five sites (except for an additional session at one site), and students may participate in only one session. 

Session 1 June 24–June 29
Session 2 July 1–July 6
Session 3 July 8–July 13
Session 4 (Meredith College only) July 15–20

CRISIS is a residential summer program for fifth and sixth graders enrolled in TIP’s 4th–6th Grade Talent Search. The program lasts one week and takes place at five college campuses. Students assume the role of a professional on a specific occupation-based research team, collaborate with their peers, and participate in activities that build their academic, leadership, and teamwork skills.