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After much deliberation, and based on a thorough understanding of the progression of COVID-19, Duke University has made the decision not to proceed with any Duke TIP summer residential programs for 2020. This decision applies to all dates and locations for our CRISIS program. I know this news is not what you had hoped to hear, but, at this time, the well-being of our students and their families must remain our highest priority.

All CRISIS families will receive a full refund of their CRISIS application fee, deposit, and all enrollment fees paid to date. No further action on your part is needed. However, due to the large numbers of refunds being processed, it may take 4–6 weeks to receive your refund. Depending on how you paid, you will receive your refund via a credit card chargeback, electronic transfer, or check.

These are difficult times, but we believe that we will get through them if we remember the sense of community that underpins the heart of Duke TIP. Please know that we are sending your family our best wishes, along with our hopes that you are safe and well.

More info about future programs and program qualifications will be posted this fall.

Key Dates

2018 dates will be posted in December.