After You Apply

A girl and boy working together in a classroom at Duke TIP.

We will notify you of admissions decisions by email within two weeks of receiving your application.

If you’re placed

Once you’ve received notification that you have been placed in an Academic Adventures course, you will need to access our student portal to:

  • see course placement and financial aid award (if applicable)
  • complete the required medical form
  • pay program fees
  • access additional program information

If you’re wait-listed

Because we get more Academic Adventures applications than we have spots, Duke TIP maintains a wait-list for each course to allow students who want to attend an opportunity to do so if any of the initially admitted students withdraw from the program. If you are wait-listed:

  • We will notify you of your status within two weeks of receiving your application.
  • You will be placed on the wait-list of every course you rank on your application.
  • If another student withdraws before the start of the program and we are able to offer you their spot in a course, we will notify you.
  • Should you be placed in a course, you will be removed from all other course wait-lists.

Unfortunately, because it depends on factors out of our control, we cannot provide more specific information about how long you might be wait-listed or how likely it is that you will be offered a placement. Those decisions are dependent on other students canceling.

Applicants are not assigned a wait-list number because there are separate wait-lists for each course. Students are placed on each wait-list by the date that the complete application is received. TIP uses a random number assigned to an application for the purposes of pulling students off wait-lists.

    Academic Adventures give fourth, fifth, and sixth graders the opportunity to explore fascinating subjects not found elsewhere, deepen their knowledge of a favorite field, and meet other gifted students. Courses cover a range of subjects and are offered by Duke TIP at three different college campuses, as well as at partner locations across the country.