How to Enroll

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To join 8th–10th Grade Option, enroll online. Once you enroll, you will receive information about how to independently register for and take the ACT or SAT (note: each test charges its own fees), as well as how to report your scores back to TIP.

8th–10th Grade Option requires an enrollment fee of $35. A separate test registration fee must be paid directly to the testing agency.

After enrollment, a student must independently register to take either the ACT or SAT. Note: eighth grade–level ACT EXPLORE and PSAT scores are not accepted for 8th–10th Grade Option.

Test registration instructions and fees can be found at the ACT and SAT websites. This information will be made available in the 8th–10th Grade Option confirmation email sent by Duke TIP after you enroll.


Designed for students who missed enrollment for the 7th Grade Talent Search, 8th–10th Grade Option lets students who take the ACT or SAT on their own report their scores to Duke TIP in order to be considered for TIP's summer and academic year programs.