Testing Exceptions

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There are two types of testing exceptions outlined on this page: (1) non-Saturday testing for religious reasons and (2) services for students with disabilities (SSD). 

1. Non-Saturday testing

If your religious convictions prohibit you from testing on a Saturday, you can test on Sunday with written documentation from a clergy member. To do so, you cannot enroll online, but must instead complete a paper enrollment form, which you can request by emailing 7talentsearch@tip.duke.edu. Follow these steps:

  1. Decide on either the ACT or SAT.
  2. Choose the test date and fill in the corresponding oval on the paper enrollment form: 8f for non-Saturday ACT or 8e for non-Saturday SAT.
  3. Enter the non-Saturday test center code: 8b for ACT (six-digit code) or 8a for SAT (five-digit code). Contact Duke TIP at (919) 668-9100 or 7talentsearch@tip.duke.edu for a list of non-Saturday test center choices.
  4. Obtain a letter from your clergy or religious school on official letterhead requesting non-Saturday testing.
  5. Mail the paper enrollment form, clergy letter, and your payment to TIP at the address located on the enrollment form.

2. Services for students with disabilities (SSD)

Requests for test accommodations will be approved by ACT or SAT, not Duke TIP. SSD accommodations are intended for students who are receiving accommodations for testing in school. Eligibility is based on current, documented, professionally diagnosed disabilities, or formal school plans that document functional limitations accommodated on school testing.

Testing accommodations for students with diabetes may not be documented at the student’s school, but may be easily documented with doctor’s notes for the diagnosis, devices used, or other medications. Please read the standard time with accommodations section below to rule out the need to request this accommodation.

You can find the necessary forms for requesting accommodations on the ACT and SAT SSD Instructions and Forms page.

SSD requests deadlines

Deadlines to submit an accommodation request are much earlier than regular enrollment deadlines. The school counselor needs at least two to three weeks to submit the accommodation request to ACT or SAT for their approval process. Before selecting a test date, check these SSD deadlines to ensure that there is adequate time to submit the accommodation request.

Test Date
Deadline for agency to receive request
ACT 10/28/2017 10/6/2017
SAT 11/4/2017 9/15/2017
SAT 12/2/2017 10/13/2017
ACT 12/9/2017 11/17/2017
ACT 2/10/2018 1/19/2018
SAT 3/10/2018 1/19/2018
ACT 4/14/2018 3/23/2018
SAT 5/5/2018 3/16/2018
SAT 6/2/2018 4/13/2018
ACT 6/9/2018 5/18/2018

The test dates in bold are recommended to ensure students can take advantage of their benefits with no delays, and to ensure they have an opportunity to apply to summer programs in 2018, should they achieve qualifying scores.

Commonly requested accommodations

Standard time with accommodations

This accommodation is meant for students who can test at a regularly scheduled national test center with standard time limits, but who require other accommodations due to their disabilities. These accommodations could include:

  • a wheelchair-accessible room
  • a large-type test booklet (18-pt.)
  • having as assistant mark responses in the test booklet
  • permission for diabetics to eat snacks in the test room, bring diabetic supplies, wear an insulin pump, or take stop-the-clock-breaks
  • seating near the front of the room for a student to lip-read spoken instructions
  • a sign-language interpreter (not a relative) to sign spoken instructions (not test items)
  • or a printed copy of spoken instructions with visual notification of start, time remaining, and stop times.

Extended time (50 percent time extension)

Request this only if the student can test at a regularly scheduled national test center with standard time limits and use either a regular type (10-pt.) or large type (18-pt.) test booklet, but require other accommodations due to your disability. If approved, you will be allowed up to five hours total to work on the multiple-choice tests at your own pace.

In-school testing (100 percent or more time)

For special testing situations that cannot be accommodated at national testing centers, ACT and SAT allow students to be tested at school with a member of the school staff administering the test. The staff member is compensated for administering the test by the testing organization. Request this accommodation only if the student requires more than a 50 percent time extension, testing over more than one day, or other test formats, such as braille, audio cassette or MP3, DVDs, or a reader.

How to enroll in talent search and request SSD materials be mailed to you

  1. Decide on either the ACT or SAT.
  2. Enroll online or by paper enrollment form (which you can request by emailing 7talentsearch@tip.duke.edu)
    • If enrolling online, check the box that indicates students will be requesting SSD accommodations. Complete the online enrollment by submitting a credit card payment.
    • If enrolling by paper enrollment form, choose the test date and fill in the corresponding ovals: 8b and 8d for ACT or 8a and 8c for SAT. Mail the enrollment form with appropriate fee to TIP at the address on the enrollment form.
  3. Once the enrollment is processed, we will send the SSD materials to the student's mailing address.
  4. The parent should take the SSD materials to the school as soon as possible.
  5. The school counselor will submit the SSD materials to either ACT or SAT (College Board).
  6. The parent should follow up with ACT or SAT (College Board) as needed.

    Students qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test. Enrollment provides benefits that last through the end of high school, including the opportunity to take the ACT or SAT, specialized publications, college prep advice, and access to educational programs.