Student Benefits


Academically talented students need challenges, motivation, and support if they are to reach their highest potential. The benefits offered by the 7th Grade Talent Search are designed to do just that.

Above-grade-level testing

Above-grade-level testing is a crucial component of the 7th Grade Talent Search—which is why the cost of one ACT or SAT test registration is included in the enrollment fee. Learn more about our above-grade-level testing philosophy and benefits.

Recognition and ceremonies

One of the most important benefits students receive from the 7th Grade Talent Search is being recognized for their academic talent.

Seventh grade is a time when it's essential to foster a love of learning and teach students to take pride in their scholastic accomplishments. We provide a certificate of merit, give students opportunities to publish their work and achievements, and offer recognition ceremonies for students with exceptional ACT or SAT scores. Learn more about our ceremonies.

Publications and resources

Participants receive access to a number of resources that help connect academically talented students to the challenging, engaging material they need.


This monthly, online magazine for gifted students introduces them to new subjects and fields through feature articles, interviews with experts and accomplished TIPsters, writing prompts, and book reviews.

Contest, program, and scholarship listings

We provide resources to help connect participants to programs, contests, scholarships, and awards that are of interest to high-achieving scholars.

College planning advice

Our extensive college planning resources guide gifted students through the sometimes confusing world of college preparation. Articles cover grade-specific advice for seventh grade through senior year, including precollege plans, extracurricular activities, financial aid, finding the right college, and application tips.

Independent Learning products

Participants receive a discount on TIP’s Independent Learning course Algebra 1 Online. They are also able to purchase Rosetta Stone Foundations, a special version of the language-learning software designed for K–12 students. It is only available through educational outlets like TIP, and we only sell it to talent search members.

Educational programs

The 7th Grade Talent Search is the entry point to TIP’s educational programs. Designed to provide the advanced challenge and supportive community academically talented students need to excel, our programs offer accelerated, hands-on courses on subjects not often found in school.

Programs for 7th Grade Talent Search participants include Summer Studies, eStudies, and Scholar Weekends. All charge additional fees, but financial aid is available.