Recognition Ceremonies


Each spring, Duke TIP holds special award ceremonies each spring to honor 7th Grade Talent Search participants who do exceptionally well on the ACT or SAT.

The ceremonies are similar to graduation ceremonies. They are hosted on college and university campuses, include a keynote address, and honorees walk across the stage to receive a commemorative medal. Typically, the ceremonies last an hour and a half, and some ceremonies include optional events before and after to learn about the host campus, including tours, seminars, and receptions.

There are two kinds of ceremonies: State Recognition Ceremonies in each of the sixteen states with the largest talent search enrollment, and the Grand Recognition Ceremony, taking place at Duke University for students with the highest scores. 

Eligibility criteria

Ceremony Type
ACT Score
SAT Score
State Ceremony English ≥ 22 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing ≥ 550
Math ≥ 22
Reading ≥ 23 Math ≥ 540
Science ≥ 22
Grand Recognition Ceremony English ≥ 31 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing ≥ 670
Math ≥ 29
Reading ≥ 31 Math ≥ 680
Science ≥ 28

These qualifying scores are for both 2018 and 2019. Students only need to qualify in one subtest to be eligible, but they must test by the end of March to receive an invitation. Students who achieve a qualifying score after March or who cannot attend a ceremony will be mailed a medal in the summer.

State Recognition Ceremonies

Qualifying students will be invited to a state ceremony close to their homes. Some states have more than one ceremony, so it may not be the closest, but we do our best to minimize necessary travel for all students. Get the details about this year's State Recognition Ceremonies.

Grand Recognition Ceremony

The Grand Recognition Ceremony takes place at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium each year.

Get the details about this year's Grand Recognition Ceremony.

William and Dorothy C. Bevan Scholarship

We offer a William and Dorothy C. Bevan scholarship to 7th Grade Talent Search participants who score exceptionally well on their ACT or SAT test.

The scholarship is awarded to the two 7th Grade Talent Search students who have the highest combined SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math score as well as to the two students who have the highest ACT Composite score. Recipients are recognized at Duke TIP recognition ceremonies and receive a full scholarship to attend TIP’s Summer Studies Program.

Only students who test through Duke TIP by the end of February are eligible for the William and Dorothy C. Bevan Scholarship.

Students qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test. Enrollment provides benefits that last through the end of high school, including the opportunity to take the ACT or SAT, specialized publications, college prep advice, and access to educational programs.