Getting Started



Enrolling in the 7th Grade Talent Search starts students down a path that helps them discover, celebrate, and develop their academic talents.


There are two ways to enroll.

1. Online (preferred)

The fastest and easiest way to join the 7th Grade Talent Search is to enroll through our enrollment site.

Enroll now

2. By mail

If you can’t enroll online, you can request a paper enrollment form from your school or by emailing Be sure to include your US mailing address in the body of the email.

Additional instructions are included on the form, but please note that an email address is still required, and that it may take up to five weeks to receive your follow-up packet, from the time we process your enrollment.

The timeline

Enrollment is open from August 1, 2018, to April 30, 2019.

When they enroll in the 7th Grade Talent Search, students select a test date for either the ACT or SAT—an above-grade-level testing experience that is at the heart of the 7th Grade Talent Search. (Read more about our above-level testing philosophy.) They also immediately receive access to other benefits, including specialized publications.

After taking the ACT or SAT and receiving their scores, students will receive information about other benefits they are eligible for. Scores from the remaining 2019 test dates won’t come back in time for students to attend a recognition ceremony, but students who qualify for ceremonies will be sent a medal in the summer. Students may also qualify for educational programs.

Test Date
Online Enrollment Deadline
ACT 4/13/2019 2/27/2019
SAT 5/4/2019 3/27/2019
SAT 6/1/2019 4/30/2019
ACT 6/8/2019 4/30/2019

Deadlines are midnight eastern time.

Taking the ACT or SAT independently

Part of the talent search enrollment fee covers the ACT or SAT test registration, so we have an alternate registration process for students who have taken or will take the ACT or SAT on their own. It allows those students to use the ACT or SAT scores they already have to access TIP benefits without testing again.

If you’re one of these seventh graders, you should email us at with your US mailing address in the body of the email to request a paper 2Step enrollment form.

Students qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test. Enrollment provides benefits that last through the end of high school, including the opportunity to take the ACT or SAT, specialized publications, college prep advice, and access to educational programs.