ACT/SAT Testing


TIP participants have proven that they excel on grade-level exams—but how far above grade level are they actually performing? That’s a question only an above-grade-level test can answer, which is why ACT or SAT testing is built in to the 7th Grade Talent Search.

Our philosophy

A test is a measuring stick for academic achievement. But students who continually ace grade-level tests are proving that their abilities go beyond those tests’ measurements. It’s like measuring a six-foot tall person with a five-foot long measuring tape.

7th Grade Talent Search Charts

Because they are designed for high school juniors and seniors, the ACT and SAT have a higher ceiling, which means they can provide a meaningful measurement for academically talented seventh graders. Taking these tests early can provide crucial insight into gifted students' strengths and abilities.

With more precise information, educators and parents can create better educational plans for gifted students in high school and beyond.

What Our Research Says about Above-Level Testing


Testing’s role in the 7th Grade Talent Search

Participants in the 7th Grade Talent Search take the ACT (no writing) or SAT (no essay) as part of their enrollment. The test is meant to be diagnostic, discovering how far above grade level they really are. As a bonus, the experience offers benefits of its own: it’s a low-stress, low-risk opportunity to experience the same exam they will have to take again during the college admissions process.

After taking the ACT or SAT, you and your student will receive a score report from the testing agency comparing your student’s scores to recent US high school graduates. To ensure the greatest insight, we provide an additional results summary that compares your student’s scores to other 7th Grade Talent Search participants and provides suggestions for how to use that knowledge to create an educational plan.

These scores are also used to determine qualification for TIP's recognition ceremonies and for some educational programs, including the Summer Studies Program and eStudies.

Information and resources

Find information about choosing the right test, preparing for the test, getting ready for test day, applying for testing exceptions, and receiving and using ACT or SAT test scores.