Enrichment Activities

Often, schools aren’t able to provide the academic challenge that gifted students need to stay engaged and motivated. We’ve designed these enrichment activities to help fill in the gap. All are included as benefits when you enroll in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search and are provided through the end of the student’s sixth grade year for no additional fees.

A student smiling as he completes an assignment in class

Once you enroll in the talent search, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access these benefits, which are all located in our online portal.

Duke TIP Book Club

The Duke TIP Book Club offers students the opportunity to read current, age-appropriate literature and connect with other TIP students nationwide who share their love of reading and discussion. Through the book club, students can develop critical reading skills; investigate the characters and themes of the book; uncover connections to math, science, and history; create their own projects, and make friends with other TIPsters in a safe, moderated space. A new selection is unveiled every two months.

Duke TIP Writing and Illustration Contest

Each year, 4th–6th Grade Talent Search students are invited to submit a story or illustration for TIP’s annual writing and illustration contest. The competition begins with students submitting stories based on a specific prompt. Duke TIP selects and publishes the stories of first-, second-, and third-place winners in all three grades.

In the second portion of the contest, students are asked to illustrate the first-place story from their grade. As with the writing contest, Duke TIP selects and publishes the illustrations of first-, second-, and third-place winners in all three grades. 

Monetary prizes are awarded for each winning entry, and the students' enrolling schools receive matching prizes as well.

A group of students working together in a Duke TIP classroom.

Student-focused publications

Duke TIP publishes an original online monthly magazine called Navigator, highlighting a different subject each month so that students can explore new topics and discover subjects that interest them. Each issue includes a feature article, an interview with an expert in the field, and hands-on activities to try. Students are also encouraged to submit creative works—including poems, artwork, and essays—which are published in each issue.

Academic 411, an annual online publication issued right before the beginning of each new school year, provides students with advice on how to navigate school as an academically talented student. It covers topics like how to make friends and deal with bullying, how to become a well-rounded student, and how to gain important study and life skills (such as time management and priority setting), as well as advice on how to succeed from other Duke TIP students.

We also maintain listings of programs, contests, scholarships, and awards of interest to high-achieving scholars in our online Opportunity Guide. These listings help our students find academic opportunities that meet their needs and interests.

Online academic activities

Students can challenge themselves with a series of activities exploring topics such as cryptology, story writing, and energy. Activity guides are found online, but are intended to be completed at home. Educators can also adapt these guides for use is their classrooms.

Students qualify for the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search by achieving a score in the 95th percentile or higher on a qualifying exam. Once enrolled, for a onetime fee, they receive access to benefits until the end of sixth grade, including optional above-level testing; enrichment activities like the book club, writing and illustration contest, and specialized publications; and eligibility to apply to TIP’s educational programs.