Services for Students with Disabilities

We work with College Board to ensure students with IEP or 504 Plans receive the accommodations they need. These accommodations are only available to students with a professionally documented diagnosis.

For 2018–2019, these are the available accommodations. The three-digit code shown is used to request the accommodation when registering for the test by paper application.

  • 002: 14-point test book
  • 003: 20-point test book
  • 008: Braille test (includes graphs and figures)
  • 011: Reader script (order one for each person who will serve as a reader)
  • 016: Reading +50 percent (time and a half)*
  • 018: Mathematical calculations +50 percent (time and a half)*
  • 042: Permission for food or medication (typically for diabetic students)
  • 043: Wheelchair access
  • 051: Preferential seating
  • 053: Use of colored overlay or lenses
  • 066: Use of auditory amplification/FM system
  • 150: Assistive tech compatible format

*Students who receive a special accommodation that includes extra time must stay for the entirety of their allotted time, even if they complete the test early.