PSAT 8/9 Participation Agreement

Parents and legal guardians must agree to the following Participation Agreement before their children can take the PSAT 8/9 through Duke TIP.

  • I give permission for my student to participate in Duke TIP’s PSAT 8/9 test offering, including the enrollment and testing process and any form of recognition for which the student may be qualified to receive.
  • I certify that my student meets the eligibility requirements to enroll.
  • I understand that all fees are nonrefundable.
  • I understand that registrations that do not have payment or approved financial aid documentation will be closed.
  • I understand that Duke TIP can have only one mailing address associated with a student’s record and that address will be the one listed on the student’s enrollment form.
  • I have read and understand the PSAT 8/9 registration and testing policies found in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search Policies and Agreements.
  • I give permission to Duke TIP to transmit my student’s PSAT 8/9 test registration to College Board, if applicable.
  • If my student is registering for the PSAT 8/9, I understand that College Board may retain information submitted to provide the educational services related to this test, such as score reporting and other opportunities.  Students will not share any specific test questions with anyone in any form of communication, including email, text message, internet posts, or other use of the Internet; doing so may result in score cancellation or other possible sanction.
  • I understand that Duke TIP will report my student’s participation in the Talent Search to my student’s school, but will not report PSAT 8/9 test scores, if applicable, to my student’s school.
  • I understand that if my child misses their scheduled test date due to illness or other scheduling conflicts, the test date may not be rescheduled nor the testing fee refunded.
  • I agree that photographs or video taken of my student during the program and products created and produced by my student during the program may be used in Duke TIP products, publication, web sites, and / or social media channels (e.g. Facebook or  YouTube), or by organizations approved by Duke TIP.