Policies and Agreements

To enroll in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search, parents and guardians must sign two important agreements.

Parents and students should read and understand the policies contained in these documents, as well as the following information.

4th–6th Grade Talent Search enrollment policies

  • Students must be in the fourth, fifth, or sixth grade at the time of enrollment.
  • Students enroll based on their official enrollment grade at their school. Students accelerated in a single subject should not base their grade level on that subject.
  • Students do not need to re-enroll each year. They enroll only once and receive benefits until the end of sixth grade.
  • Enrollment covers either a maximum of three years of benefits or until a student completes sixth grade, whichever comes first.

PSAT 8/9 registration and testing policies

Test selection and assignments

  • Parents are advised to select a first and second choice to better ensure their students are assigned to a preferred test center and date. A second site choice will only be considered if the first site choice is unavailable. PSAT 8/9 applications are sent to College Board once a week—not in real time. This may affect test center availability and your student’s final test center assignment. If your chosen test centers are full, you will be assigned to an available test center based on proximity to your first center choice.
  • Two to three weeks after we transmit your registration, College Board will email test date and location assignments to the email you provided. The confirmation email is sent from pnsupportservices@info.collegeboard.org. It is the tester’s responsibility to check the email and verify your test date and test location assignment. If you do not receive a confirmation within a month of registration, it is your responsibility to notify Duke TIP at (919) 668-9100.
  • The emailed confirmation may be used as your test ticket.

Changes to student information

  • Send any changes to your student’s name, mailing address, or email to psat89tip@tip.duke.edu. We will forward the new information to College Board. Communicating these changes through other phone numbers or email addresses will result in a change at Duke TIP, but not at College Board.
  • If you realize you need to change your test date or location after registering, call us at (919) 668-9100 as soon as possible. Once your information is transmitted to College Board, you must make changes directly through the PSAT 8/9 customer service line at (866) 433-7728. College Board will determine changes based on which test center’s are available and when you make the request.
  • Students who miss their assigned test date may not reschedule the test.

Inclement weather, missed test dates, and refunds

  • Makeup test dates are only provided for inclement weather closures and are not for students who individually miss their assigned test date. 
  • Duke TIP and College Board cannot be responsible for family schedule changes, illnesses, lost test tickets, or reconsiderations about whether students are ready for the test.
  • Students who cannot attend their assigned test date or who cannot attend the makeup date in the case of inclement weather will not receive a refund of testing fees.

Test Results

  • Score reports are mailed directly to the tester’s home address in mid-to-late April. If you do not receive your child’s scores by the beginning of May, you must notify Duke TIP immediately and confirm your current mailing address. We do not know that your child failed to receive a score report unless you tell us.
  • College Board provides a limited window of time for reprint requests. Requests received after the end of June may be denied.