A student grinning at the camera on a sunny sidewalk

Academic talent searches can be an invaluable tool for families who homeschool because they connect students to other gifted peers and provide opportunities designed especially for this unique group of learners.


Usually, we identify fourth, fifth, and sixth graders based on standardized test scores achieved during elementary or middle school. While most homeschooled children complete standardized testing, we recognize that’s not always true, so we accept a parent nomination form (PDF) when test scores are not available.


Many homeschoolers find the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search benefits especially helpful. Our specialized publications, Writing and Illustration Contest, above-grade-level testing opportunities, and educational programs provide homeschooling families with a convenient way to augment their regular instruction. You can also use our Independent Learning products and Duke TIP Book Club activities as part of your efforts.

In addition, homeschooling families have found our advice and guidance on how best to nurture the talents of academically gifted students especially helpful. Connecting with other students through TIP programs and opportunities has also been a welcome support for many.