Notifying Students

A teacher sitting on a classroom floor listening to a student

Once you’ve identified eligible students, all you need to do is notify them of the opportunity to join the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search.

New notification materials

This year we have combined our old brochure and invitation form into a single talent search invitation. We have also moved to 100 percent online enrollment—there are no more paper applications to worry about.

Fill out the invitation for each student, then pass it on to students and their families. It answers many of the questions students have about TIP. You can also use the invitation’s language as a template for emails to families. 

You can can request professionally printed 4th–6th Grade Talent Search invitations through our school update form, or you can download PDFs in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF). You can also download a Word version in English (.DOCX) and Spanish (DOCX).

We also created a flyer you can use if you plan to host a parent information night to tell families about TIP. It is available as a fillable PDF and a Word document.

Order Materials

Invitation in English (PDF)

Invitation in Spanish (PDF)

Parent Night Flyer (PDF)

Parent Night Flyer (DOCX)

Providing an educator recommendation

If you’re notifying a student who qualifies via an educator recommendation, simply write in “educator recommendation” as the test name in the qualifying test score section of the invitation form. Students will do the same thing on the application.

Paying for students

Some schools use a purchase order to utilize Title 1 or other discretionary funds to pay for their students to enroll in TIP so that financial barriers don’t prevent any students from receiving support. This year, we’re offering a new group enrollment system to make doing so even easier. Schools can now request a special group code that their students enter when enrolling online.

If you’re interested in doing this for your students, please read the group enrollment instructions (PDF). You can learn more about our financial aid, as well.

Group enrollment instructions (PDF)


Once they’ve been notified, families enroll themselves directly with Duke TIP. There are no more paper applications to worry about—we’re using 100 percent online enrollment now.

You can use—or direct families to—our information about getting started, key dates, and cost and financial aid to answer any questions they may have.

You can provide families with enrollment instructions in English (DOCX) or Spanish (DOCX).

Enrollment Instructions in English (DOCX)

Enrollment Instructions in Spanish (DOCX)

Celebrating students

After students enroll, you have the option of celebrating them for their success.

Students qualify for the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search by achieving a score in the 95th percentile or higher on a qualifying exam. Once enrolled, participants receive access to optional above-level testing, enrichment activities, specialized publications, and eligibility to apply to TIP’s educational programs.