Resources for Educators


Academically talented students provide educators with a special challenge: how do you engage and support a student who has already mastered grade-level material while still meeting the needs of other students?

That’s where we can help! Our programs and resources are designed to give gifted students the challenge they need. We aim to supplement your work in the classroom through all the benefits we offer our students.

But we depend on educators, too. We can’t support the world’s future leaders without your help in identifying and notifying them so they can benefit from the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search.

Your role

The 4th–6th Grade Talent Search works with educators on a three-step process.

1. Identify

Find students whose test scores or other academic accomplishments qualify them for the program.

Learn about identifying

2. Notify

Let students know about the opportunity.

Learn about notifying

3. Celebrate

Recognize your students for their success, if you’d like.

Learn about celebrating

Publications for educators

We don’t just want to supplement your work in the classroom. We also want to support you there as well. Our blogs and webinars provide research, advice, and resources for educators as well as parents.

At Teachers Workshop you’ll find teaching advice from seasoned professionals and classroom-ready materials. At Gifted Today you’ll find new research from the field of gifted education, plus research-backed advice. And you can view live or recorded webinars about TIP’s programs and benefits.