Residence Hall Leader

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Residence Hall Leaders assist with all residential aspects program and are supervised by the residential life coordinator. Residence Hall Leaders organize student housing, lead residential staff training sessions, organize duty schedules, chair committees, and plan social and recreational activities for students. Residence Hall Leaders are no longer assigned a group of students to directly supervise. Residence Hall Leader responsibilities include day, evening, and night commitments. In addition to supervising students and holding programs and events on weekdays and on weekends, Residence Hall Leaders will attend staff meetings; assist with student supervision at meals, and complete projects during the day. Along with administrative staff, Residence Hall Leaders must arrive several days before other staff to begin campus preparations. Residence Hall Leaders are required to live at the program site. 


Prior to beginning employment, applicants are required to have successfully completed a minimum of two years of college. Experience as a staff member of a residential program or institution is preferred; residential counselor experience in a Duke TIP summer program or similar residential program is helpful. Leadership and/or supervisory experience is essential. Applicants must possess a genuine interest in the academic, social, and emotional growth of adolescents, exhibit maturity and a positive attitude, and be willing to serve as a role model for students. Applicants must be able to work as part of a team; lead staff in organizing projects and activities; explain, support, and enforce Duke TIP rules and administrative decisions; and manage administrative responsibilities. There is a driving requirement for this position. Eligible drivers must possess a valid U.S. or Canadian driver’s license, be at least 21 years old, have an approved driving record on file with at least three years of driving history, and be willing to drive students in Duke TIP vehicles (cars, minivans, and eight-passenger SUVs).


Residence Hall Leaders are hired for the following programs:

Summer Studies

Program Overview

Job Description (PDF)