Residential Positions

A girl sitting on a couch smiling at a staff member


Residential positions focus on the social development of TIP students, a crucial component of the TIP experience.

Residential staff will get involved as role models and help mentor a small, single-sex group. You will also plan and deliver daily activities; join committees to plan term books, weekly dance themes, and large weekend events that build leadership and teamwork; and create an overall sense of community.

Duke TIP strongly believes that the living environment for residents plays a crucial role in developing the whole student: though students typically spend nearly seven hours per day in the classroom while at TIP, the experiences our students have outside the classroom can be just as educational when it comes to their personal growth.

Our residential mission is to:

  • Provide and maintain a safe environment that promotes an appreciation for diversity, wellness, and innovation.
  • Facilitate interpersonal growth where inclusion and respect for others are the norms for community living.
  • Create an environment that promotes meaningful community building for students and staff.
  • Enhance each student’s development in the areas of academic, social, cultural, interpersonal, and emotional growth.

It is important that residential staff members at TIP understand the nature of gifted students—how they are like and unlike the typical adolescent—so that they can effectively guide, support, and supervise our students. Our Residence Life Core Values reflect the unique nature of our students:

  • Community building: Bridging gaps and developing bonds is essential to the Duke TIP experience. We value developing connections across instructional and residential dynamics to promote the pursuit of scholarship and interpersonal engagement in and out of the classroom.
  • Respect: Fostering a welcoming and celebrative living and learning community, self-reflection, and positive regard toward others is encouraged.
  • Teamwork: Be it among staff, across campus, or within student groups, we value collaboration as the foundation of the Duke TIP experience