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Lead Investigators for eInvestigators are responsible for teaching challenging, high-engagement mystery cases for academically gifted elementary and middle school students using the Canvas learning management system and other selected instructional technology tools. They serve a four-week term in fall, spring, or summer. The position completes preterm tasks (one month prior to the program) including professional development, administrative training, and minimal course preparation. Post-term tasks include providing student feedback and certificates (two weeks post program). Lead Investigators are responsible during the four weeks for facilitating two weekly one-hour live sessions with students (always Saturday mornings and afternoons, five per term), offer once-weekly informal office hours (always Wednesday evenings, five per term), providing weekly video feedback, and supporting students with assignments. They are required to monitor activity on the course site daily, respond to student and parent questions within 48 hours.

Duke TIP supports Lead Investigators in teaching pre-prepared problem-solving, student-­centered curriculum. This curriculum challenges 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students to “crack the case” of mysteries found in professions such as medicine, law, archaeology, epidemiology, and cryptology. Students will experience an academically challenging scenario in which they play the role of student, detective, and researcher with real-world elements of a particular discipline. The TIP philosophy encourages Lead Investigators to approximate the face­-to-­face experience by building a community of learners excited to go deeper with skills and ideas. Candidates should be creative and innovative thinkers with teaching expertise who are committed to engaging high-ability elementary and middle school students fully in an online experience. Classes are capped at 25.


A bachelor’s degree is required. At least three years of online or face-to-face teaching experience is required, as is experience with middle or high school students and experience with programs or curricula for academically gifted students. Applicants must demonstrate depth of knowledge in course-specific subject matter and a level of preparedness sufficient to create syllabi and teach challenging material. Applicants with background in curriculum design, online teaching, and instructional design are strongly preferred. Applicants must possess a genuine interest in the academic, social, and emotional growth of gifted adolescents and a willingness to work cooperatively with the Duke TIP internal team, students, parents, and other faculty. Applicants must have a strong interest in current teaching practices and instructional technology. Candidates should possess strong writing and communication skills, and must be sufficiently familiar with working in an LMS, working in the cloud (Google apps), presentation software, and with other software applications.

Candidates should be creative and innovative thinkers who are committed to engaging high-ability students fully in an online experience.


Lead Investigators are hired for the following programs:


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