Academic Positions: Face-to-Face

Academic positions for Duke TIP's face-to-face educational programs focus on the intellectual development of TIP's academically talented students. Successful applicants apply their subject matter expertise to motivate and empower students to understand and embrace their full educational potential.

Because the gifted students who qualify for TIP's on-site seasonal programs are all performing well above grade level, academic staff should be prepared to help build and implement advanced and innovative curricula while engaging in interactive and hands-on learning techniques. In some cases, instructional staff will be responsible for implementing a currciulum developed by Duke TIP's gifted education experts. In other instances, depending on their experience and area of expertise, instructional staff may have the opportunity to build and teach their own curriculum. 

Learn more about TIP's face-to-face academic positions:

Academic Coordinator

Academic Program Assistant

Course Reviser (CRISIS)

Instructional Reviewer


Instructor (Academic Adventures)

Instructor (Scholar Weekends)

Seasonal Interviewer

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant (Academic Adventures)

Teaching Assistant (Scholar Weekends)

Helpful Documents

Teaching at TIP (PDF)

  • Fast-paced, rigorous, and innovative curricula taught above grade level and emphasizing rich and challenging content, active learning, and critical, higher-order thinking skills

  • An academic environment that values and encourages engagement, self-direction, independence, and excellence while inspiring and motivating students

  • Distinguished instructional staff with expertise in their content area and a commitment to nurturing each student’s self-esteem and self-confidence

  • A classroom environment characterized by high expectations, a low student-faculty ratio, and no course grades—all of which encourage intellectual risk-taking in a supportive and intellectually challenging learning climate