Student Health Coordinator

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The Student Health Coordinator is an integral part of the administrative team and is responsible for oversight of the health of participants. The position, supervised by the On-Site Director, is administrative and requires communication with healthcare providers and students' parents. Primary duties include reviewing student medical forms; overseeing the administration of prescription and OTC medications students have brought with them to the site; conferring with parents; monitoring student illnesses; and acting as a liaison to designated clinics, physician’s offices, and hospitals. The Student Health Coordinator oversees the administration of medication as per physician’s orders and authorizations provided on the students’ medical forms. The Student Health Coordinator assists the On-Site Director with staff orientation and training related to medical issues. The Student Health Coordinator has the equivalent of one day off each week, to be scheduled in conjunction with the program and On-Site Director.


Preference is given to candidates with a healthcare background. Candidates for the Student Health Coordinator position who are licensed as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant must be so licensed in the state for which they are applying to work with Duke TIP. Current CPR and first aid certifications are required. Excellent organizational and communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently are required. Experience working with children and young adults is preferred. Previous work in a school or summer residential program environment is helpful. Applicants must possess a genuine interest in the academic, social, and emotional growth of adolescents, exhibit maturity and a positive attitude, and be willing to serve as a role model for students. There is a driving requirement for this position. Eligible drivers must possess a valid driver’s license, be at least twenty-one years old, have an approved driving record on file, and be willing to drive students in Duke TIP vehicles (cars, minivans, eight-passenger SUVs).


Student Health Coordinators are hired for the following programs:

Summer Studies

Program Overview

Job Description (PDF)