Psychological Counselor

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The Psychological Counselor is a member of the on-site administrative team. The Psychological Counselor supports the well-being of the staff and students and provides assistance to those who are experiencing social or emotional difficulties. The Psychological Counselor reports all student concerns to the On-Site Director and confers regularly with the on-site administrative team and the main office to discuss student and site issues. Housing and meals are provided on site.

Job Duties

  • Must attend administrative training weekend prior to program start

  • Duties include full-time live-in day, evening, night and weekend commitments with one 24 hour day off per week

  • Emergency accessibility 24 hours a day via cell phone

  • Provide individual crisis intervention counseling to referred and self-referred students who are experiencing social, emotional, or academic difficulties; Assist with student and staff in cases of crisis assessment and prevention

  • Facilitate group conflict resolution sessions for referred and self-referred students

  • Work in concert with the Academic Coordinator to assist and assess students identified by instructional staff as experiencing social or behavioral difficulties in the classroom

  • Work in concert with the Residential Life Coordinator to assist and assess students identified by residential staff as experiencing social or behavioral difficulties in the residential setting

  • Conduct in-service workshops, as requested, for instructional and residential staff on topics such as child abuse, crisis intervention, learning disabilities, medications, and self-destructive behavior prevention

  • In consultation with the On-Site Director, the Site Supervisor, and the professional mentor, refer students with severe difficulties to appropriate therapeutic agencies as necessary

  • Serve as liaison to parents regarding concerns about students’ emotional and behavioral difficulties such as homesickness, social withdrawal, or aggressive behaviors

  • Collaborate with site leadership team to facilitate orientation(s)

  • Evaluate and report as directed at the end of the program

  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein

Educational Requirements

A master’s degree or comparable formal training is required with graduate coursework in clinical psychology, social work, or counseling. Professional counseling experience is strongly preferred. Experience with gifted students is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Ability to work cooperatively with others

  • Ability to counsel gifted students with emotional and behavioral issues

  • Communication proficiency

  • Decision making skills

  • Thoroughness


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