Application Instructions

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Important dates for fall 2019

Application opens for summer term August 22
Payment deadline One week after placement
Fall term October 17–November 17

Please read these instructions carefully.  

Step 1: Know your TIP ID number

Students are assigned a Duke TIP ID number when they enroll in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search. If you do now know your TIP ID, use the TIP ID look-up tool or contact us.

Step 2: Identify and rank your preferred cases

  • You will be enrolled in one case for the entire term.
  • You can identify up to nine cases you are interested in and rank them from most preferred to least preferred.
  • The more choices you indicate, the better your chances are to be accepted to the program. However, please only list cases in which you are willing to accept placement. Listing only one choice does not increase your chances of being placed.
  • If your first choice is unavailable, you will be placed in your next highest-ranked available option or wait-listed if none of your cases are available.

Wait-listing is common at Duke TIP, given the high number of applications we receive each year. Many Duke TIP students placed on our wait-list end up attending eInvestigators each year, especially those who are flexible about which cases they will accept.

Step 3: Complete a program application.

You should apply online with your TIP ID number.

Important things to know

  • Spaces fill quickly, so apply early in the registration period.
  • Applications are date-stamped, not time-stamped. We process applications in daily batches regardless of the time they are received that day. This means all applications received on a given day are given equal consideration, whether they are received at 9 a.m. or 11:59 p.m.
  • Applying does not guarantee placement into the program.

Step 4: Review your application for completeness and accuracy.

To know what to expect after applying, please visit After You Apply.

eInvestigators is a month-long online program for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders that takes place each year in the spring, summer, and fall. Using leading-edge instructional technology, participants collaborate with a small group of classmates and an expert Lead Investigator to collect clues about a real-life mystery, analyze evidence, and propose theories.