Program Details, Policies, and Philosophies

As generations of TIPsters can now attest, attending the Summer Studies Program can be a life-changing experience. At Summer Studies, gifted and talented students have the rare opportunity to delve into an advanced topic and stretch their intellectual abilities—some are even challenged academically for the first time. They learn to rise to the challenge while developing their critical thinking and creative skills in a uniquely supportive, risk-free learning environment. Under the guidance of content experts and experienced educators, students identify and develop their academic passions, gain a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and get insight into what the college experience will be like.

But academics is just part of what Duke TIP is all about. The opportunity to learn and live among other gifted students who share the same interests and priorities is a welcome revelation for many of our summer students. Expert residential staff create a welcoming, engaging community where students interact with their peers, enjoy a variety of fun and carefully planned activities, and often make lifelong friends and memories.

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