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Students qualify for Summer Studies based on their ACT or SAT scores. In most cases, this means scores from the above-level test you took through Duke TIP.

Qualification levels are based on scores in one of two domains: Math or Verbal. Those domains mirror the areas of academic strength that above-level test scores help students identify. Math qualification levels are based on scores on the ACT Math, ACT Science, or SAT Math sections. Verbal qualification levels are based on scores on the ACT English, ACT Reading, or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections.

Each domain has two levels of courses: Center and Academy. Students' ACT or SAT scores within each domain qualify them for those courses. To ensure developmentally appropriate classes, students who qualify at the Center level within a domain must take Center-level classes within that domain.

You only need to qualify on one test section to be eligible for a qualification level. For example, if your ACT Math score qualifies you for Academy Math, but your ACT Science score qualifies you for Center Math, you are only eligible for Center Math courses. ACT Reading and ACT English scores also yield only one qualification level. (There may be some exceptions for students in grades eight through ten who qualified under previous guidelines.)

Use the score calculator to determine your qualification level

TIP students who submitted scores before August 2018: Make sure to use your TIP ID to look up your qualification levels, as you may qualify for additional courses based on previous guidelines. (Look up your TIP ID.)

Students who are new to TIP: You can view a table of current qualification scores to see what ACT or SAT scores you must achieve to qualify for Summer Studies.

You can also learn more about our eligibility philosophy and what changes we made for 2019.

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